Effective Ticketing Solutions

Effective Ticketing Solutions to Increase Brand Awareness and Further Your Reach

If your organisation is arranging Christmas parties or events this year, consider custom wristbands as an effective alternative to paper tickets. The following are just some of the reasons they can help increase awareness and further your reach.

Less Disposable

Wristbands are much less likely to be accidentally disposed of or lost prior to the event. This makes them a better option than paper tickets which can be lost in piles of paperwork or tossed out with household rubbish. For the same reason, this will reduce queries and admin time, especially if it’s a big event.


Wristbands make great souvenirs. Your guests will want to keep them for years to come and each time they look at them they will be reminded of the event and your brand.

Glow in the Dark Bands

Your Guests Will Love Them

People love wristbands. They’re fun, aesthetically pleasing and tactile. So, they’ll love receiving them in the post and wearing them to the event. We even provide glow in the dark bands for night time events and dimly lit areas.


Because people love wristbands, they’re more likely to share them with their online networks. And they make a much better image than tickets. This will help spread the word about the event and your brand. Make it as easy as possible by creating a hashtag.

Room to Add Extra Information

Wristbands have a surprising amount of space on which to add your message. And if you need extra space, consider wider or multiple bands. Add hashtags, websites or micro sites to maximise the content you provide for guests.

Paper Wristbands


For events requiring secure tickets or passes, consider paper wristbands with tear off redemption tags. These bands cannot be removed without cutting them free, hence providing a secure option. They can also be sequentially numbered if required.

People Like to Belong

As social creatures we all like to belong, whether it’s to our social circle or to a wider group. Wristbands are a visual representation of this. They indicate that we ‘belong’ to a party or event and that we’re part of something.

Worn After the Event

How many times have you seen people wearing festival bands long after the event? If your wristbands are creative and aesthetically pleasing, your guests are likely to wear them after the occasion. This in turn will increase your reach and further brand awareness.

If you’re considering wristbands as an alternative to paper tickets, contact Carrie now on 01524 230 300 or at sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk to review the options.