Nystagmus Wristbands

Client Spotlight: Nystagmus Family Foundation

Nystagmus is a condition that affects around 2.4 per 1000 people. It causes continuous uncontrolled movement of the eyes and most people who suffer with this have reduced vision.

A couple of years ago a group of families and individuals affected by nystagmus set up a group. What started out as a small support group mainly for parents of affected children has grown into a huge online support network. We were delighted when Nikki Espiner contacted us and we could help in a small way. She explained that it can be very lonely as a parent when your baby is first diagnosed, and there is often a long wait to understand the extent of the illness. Having access to likeminded people during this time is invaluable.

Nystagmus Logo

The group ordered a set of silicone wristbands to raise funds and spread a positive message about Nystagmus. The wristbands have been created in two contrasting colours, purple and white. This makes it easier for people who are visually impaired to read the message, which is ‘What is your Superpower? #Nystagmus’. The purpose behind the message is to empower children and encourage them to see the positives in their condition. It references the fact that when one of the senses is compromised, another sense often becomes heightened.

The group has big plans to move beyond a support network and fund research into the condition. The wristbands are helping to announce this change. Follow their progress on Facebook.