Silicone Wristbands for Summer

As summer approaches we find sales of our silicone wristbands increase. Here’s what our customers use them for.


With longer days and better weather, charity events, fun runs and other fundraising activities come into their own. Therefore our bands are snapped up by charitable organisations and the individuals who support them.

We supply a range of different styles of band and each can be fully customised with a choice of message, logo or artwork. Cheaper options include our printed wristbands but for bands that last longer, our debossed with infill options will extend your brand reach.

Check our wristbands for charities.

Festival Organisers and Event Planners

As the festival season gets under way, organisers tend to plan their merchandise in advance. We see a huge increase in our fabric wristbands. Silicone bands, snap bands and paper bands for ticketing are also popular. And not forgetting our glow in the dark bands, which are must for night time events.

Colleges and Universities

In August students across the UK find out whether their revision and hard work have paid off. GCSE and A-Level results are announced. Leading up to this colleges and universities go through their recruitment process and host open days across their faculties. Silicone wristbands are frequently ordered to promote the institutions and their course.

As A-Level results are announced the clearing process begins and wristbands are ordered containing web addresses and hotline numbers.

Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s Week usually begins around October when students are busy settling into their new life. Students Unions across the UK arrange a variety of events for the new intake, where freshers can sign up to clubs and societies, socialise and make new friends. Wristbands are often handed out or sold in student shops.

Sporting Events

With the sunshine comes annual sporting events. And in addition to the larger events, many smaller clubs host their own tournaments. Wristbands are sold to raise much-needed funds and to create awareness.

School Sports Days

Schools tend to order our wristbands all year round. They are used for many different purposes, including planning school meal times and recognising achievement. In the summer they are also ordered for increasing numbers of sporting events, house competitions and sports days.