Silicone Wristbands for Educational Institutions

Spotlight on Schools, Colleges and Universities

The above wristbands have been ordered by schools, colleges and universities. We supply a wide range of custom bands to educational institutions throughout the UK to fulfil a number of different purposes.


Managing meal times, rewarding achievement, recognising improvement and celebrating sporting achievements are just a few of the reasons schools order our wristbands. In 2014 state-funded schools in England were obliged to provide free school meals to all infants in Reception classes through to Year 2. This considerably boosted the number of children staying at school during lunchtimes. This in turn had a huge impact of the organisation and management of these meals. This is where the silicone wristbands come in. LEAs and schools order plain versions of the bands in different colours to help coordinate meal times. In addition we provide bands displaying dietary requirements and allergies, etc. This makes it much easier for staff to manage and coordinate this process.

As you can see from the above image wristbands are also used to celebrate various different achievements and are well-received by pupils. Bands can be ordered in both child and adult sizes and we can customise with school colours, logos, and messages.

Commemorative Wristbands for HM The Queen's 90th Birthday

In 2016 we supplied many schools with commemorative bands to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. The bands were designed to be kept as mementos of this historic event, which saw the Queen becoming the first reigning monarch to reach this age. These souvenir bands were available in a choice of red, white or blue and were stamped with the text ‘1926 – 2016 The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration’, along with Union Jacks. We used debossing for the customisation and filled it with eco-friendly inks. This process ensures longevity, as artwork cannot easily be removed by rubbing on clothes, etc.

Colleges and Universities

As well as schools, our wristbands are also popular with colleges and universities. Again, they are ordered for a variety of different reasons. They are often sold during sports days and other events, etc. to raise funds and foster pride. Student Union shops also sell them for these reasons. In addition, they are used to promote institutions and courses and are particularly popular during the Clearing process. Clearing bands display websites, hashtags and hotline numbers. Sports teams and student leisure centres also snap them up and clubs and other organisations hand them out during Freshers Week.

Silicone wristbands are a versatile marketing tool and there is no end to their uses. Their popularity with young people of all ages makes them a useful and successful marketing tool for schools, colleges and universities.

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