Charity Wristbands

Charity Wristbands: Why They Work

Out of all our promotional products, silicone wristbands are the most popular. They are ordered by many different types of organisation but have always been favoured by charities and not-for-profits. This has been a consistent trend since we started.

Reasons For Their Popularity

We spoke to a number of our clients from charitable organisations, to ask them why charity wristbands work for them. Here’s what they told us.

  • When compared to other forms of promotions, wristbands are fairly inexpensive. They require only a small initial outlay but have a wide reach.
  • The bands are tactile and visually appealing. They are adopted by a wide audience, and particularly the coveted young market. Bright colours and aesthetically appealing artwork ensure they are noticed, increasing brand awareness and spreading the message.
  • They provide a simple and cost effective way for people to demonstrate their support for a worthy cause.
  • At a basic level, people want to belong. Showing their support enables them to do this.
  • A significant percentage of our bands are sold to end users to raise much needed funds for the
  • Many charities and not-for profits can be identified by a colour. This can be replicated on the bands to increase awareness of the charity or cause.
  • There is a surprisingly large area in which to add a message, particularly if wide or multiple bands are selected. In addition to logos, the bands can include calls to action including telephone numbers, donation links, websites, and hashtags, etc.
  • There is lots of choice regarding styles and this is continually increasing. Debossed with infill bands are popular due to their hardwearing nature and the endurance of the message.
  • Silicone wristbands work well with other forms of marketing, even online channels, reinforcing the message and increasing reach.

Guidelines For Charities

Over the years we have learnt a lot about promotional products. Through working closely with our clients we know what works and the best way to capture your intended audience. If you’re considering purchasing wristbands for your charity, follow our simple guidelines.

  • Use a brand colour that is easily recognisable and isn’t confused with another charity or cause.
  • Customise with your own artwork to demonstrate your individuality and flair.
  • Opt for a style to match your purpose. For repeated use opt for embossed or debossed bands. If you have a night-time event, consider glow in the dark bands, etc.
  • Ensure your branding and message are consistent with your other marketing activities and communications.
  • If applicable, include a prominent call to action such as a website address, telephone number, email address, or hashtag, etc.
  • Be concise and straight to the point. Each word much earn its place. Abbreviate website addresses using or similar.
  • Be creative and individual. Push the boundaries and do something a little different.

Over the years, trends have come and gone but charity wristbands have remained consistent. This is because they work. For a small outlay they yield significant results in terms of growing awareness and raising funds.